Make your STEPS Engineers Week 2020, the biggest and best celebration of engineering yet!

Brought to you by the Oxford scientists behind The Curiosity Box™, our STEM Day in a Box is designed to make Engineers Week super easy for you and a creative, curious exploration of engineering for your students!

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How it Works

Each box explores a different real-world challenge, with all the kit and caboodle needed for 30 kids to get hands-on with STEM. In addition to the activity packs, each STEM Day in a Box contains:

✔ A great story, with support videos to set the scene and get kids excited

✔ Reusable resources to add to your class STEM kit

✔ A Teacher Hero-Making book with detailed instructions, additional resources, extension and homework ideas and a checklist of learning objectives to save you time

✔ Prizes for you to give to teams or individuals who have done well

✔ A STEM career aspirations game and printable certificate for all students to take home

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*Please note that delivery of our STEM Day in a Box takes up to 2 weeks from receipt of payment to delivery.

Why STEM Day in a Box?

All you need for a class of 30
We deliver everything you need for an unforgettable & inspiring STEM day in 1 Box

Hands-on KS2 STEM
Get kids working scientifically around real-world stories, through seriously fun activities

Weaves STEM into subjects such as literacy, geography and history through stories

Planet Positive
We include reusable items and consumables are compostable or recyclable

Top-Up kits let you to reuse your 1st Box and get more bang for your buck!              COMING SOON

Get sponsored!
We get businesses, who want to support the community, to sponsor your STEM Day