Inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers!

The Great British Blast Off is calling on local businesses to sponsor a science and engineering (STEM) day in your local school. GBBO 2021 is in collaboration with Bloodhound Education.

Download the prospectus here

By becoming a GBBO Hero, your business will enable students to build STEM skills and have serious fun in the process!

  • Motivate employees: Have a lucky dip to choose an employee’s child’s school
  • Raise your local profile: Put your brand on and in the Box
  • Covid safe social impact: You don’t need to leave the home/office to positively impact hundreds of young people
  • Help build the UK’s STEM skills pipeline: by inspiring tomorrow’s scientists and engineers

Which Hero Will You Be?

What previous GBBO Heroes told us

How STEM Day in a Box works

Why STEM Day in a Box?

Everything needed in 1 Box
We deliver everything you need for an unforgettable & inspiring STEM day in 1 Box

Hands-on KS2 STEM
Get kids working scientifically around real-world stories, through seriously fun activities

Weaves STEM into subjects such as literacy, geography and history through stories

Planet Positive
We include reusable items and consumables are compostable or recyclable

Top-Up kits let you to reuse your 1st Box and get more bang for your buck!              COMING SOON

Get sponsored!
We get businesses, who want to support the community, to sponsor your STEM Day

What Teachers Say